Friday, May 3, 2013

Here I Am

My friend Traci Shannon posted on her blog a challenge to write every day in May. I missed the first two days, but decided to start up this blog to have a place to go when I'm up way too late and "the hamsters in my mind" (thank you, random person to whom Vanessa McEnery pointed me) won't stop spinning.

My sweet son is teething. Hard. Luckily, he's sleeping now, but every so often he'll wake and whimper, and I should have 6-pack abs from all the back-and-forth rocking and back-patting I'm doing to settle him to sleep again. I love the feeling of his little muscles de-stressing and going limp as the rhythm lulls him back to sleep. He's long enough now that he stands on my legs when I have him slung over my shoulder to pat his back and calm him.

So this will be my late night rambling page. No one has to follow me or anything. But if you do, please don't expect me to make any sense. :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh sweetie! I remember those days. So tough.

    I love the way you describe how it body runs the length of your chest to your legs -- so sweet!